Bridal Registry List

The Home Place is proud to hold more wedding registries than any other store in the Stephenville area. We are committed to making the bride and groom's experience as stress-free as possible.

See below for a list of our current registries. If you are interested in purchasing an item for a registry, please contact us.

Shower Date(s) Bride and Groom Wedding Date  
05/16/2015 Kathlynn Krenek and RJ Pack 07/11/2015 View Registry
04/11/2015 Theresa Taeuber and Trevor Dragon 07/11/2015 View Registry
05/23/2015 Sami Viss and Andrew Counts 07/11/2015 View Registry
06/13/2015 Toscia Talmadge and Luke Groth 07/11/2015 View Registry
05/23/2015 Emily Kribbs and Miles Pylant 07/18/2015 View Registry
06/13/2015 Hannah Wilhelm and William Reichmann 08/01/2015 View Registry
06/28/2015 Adilene Rivas and Edgar Rodriguez 08/01/2015 View Registry
07/12/2015 and 07/19/2015 Rachel Boatright and Matt Mabry 08/07/2015 View Registry
07/11/2015 Lya Thomas and John Grisham 08/08/2015 View Registry
05/16/2015 Leanna Laughlin and Wade Ferguson 08/15/2015 View Registry
06/13/2015 and 06/27/2015 Katelin Kuhlwein and Greg Lanting 08/15/2015 View Registry
06/28/2015 Brylie Hanlan and Logan Sharp 08/15/2015 View Registry
06/06/2015 Holly Harris and Colton Curry 08/15/2015 View Registry
06/14/2015 Logan Coronado and Justin Pack 08/22/2015 View Registry
06/07/2015 Erica Flores and Jared Veldhuizen 08/22/2015 View Registry
07/18/2015 Brittney Chamberlain and Tanner Morgan 08/29/2015 View Registry
September Jessica Ditmore and Michael Mudd September View Registry
06/13/2015 Tara Smithwick and Jerod Hoehn 09/05/2015 View Registry
08/22/2015 Katie Leatherman and Jacob Hendricks 09/05/2015 View Registry
N/A Marissa Williams and Waylon Belcher 09/05/2015 View Registry
07/25/2015 Kayla Toomes and Wesley Turner 09/16/2015 View Registry
06/13/2015 Racheal Stone and Cody Stevens 09/19/2015 View Registry
08/22/2015 Dana Scott and Jarred Walker 09/26/2015 View Registry
08/22/2015 Emily Kelley and Travis Lewis 09/26/2015 View Registry
05/31/2015 and 08/02/2015 Lyndsi Littlejohn and Ben Hussey 09/27/2015 View Registry
08/22/2015 Betsy Miller and Matt McKinzie 10/03/2015 View Registry
N/A Mackenzie Mayes and Daniel Blaisdell 10/10/2015 View Registry
N/A Alexandria Duncan and Austen Edwards 10/10/2015 View Registry
N/A Kim Wilson and Riley Price 10/17/2015 View Registry
08/01/2015 Markie Owen and Ryan Roulston 10/24/2015 View Registry
N/A Sarah Burns and Jeremy Wallace 11/15/2015 View Registry
07/18/2015 Sarah Kosco and Brandon Logan 11/22/2015 View Registry