Bridal Registry List

The Home Place is proud to hold more wedding registries than any other store in the Stephenville area. We are committed to making the bride and groom's experience as stress-free as possible.

See below for a list of our current registries. If you are interested in purchasing an item for a registry, please contact us.

Shower Date(s) Bride and Groom Wedding Date  
11/22/2014 Jaclyn Demetruk and Sterling Foster 01/03/2015 View registry
11/23/2014 Amber Harris and Braden Bozer 01/03/2015 View registry
12/07/2014 and 12/14/2014 Ashley Allen and Matthew Bennett 01/03/2015 View registry
12/07/2014 Adrian Robison and Brent Stroebel 01/03/2015 View registry
09/20/2014 Megan Barnard and Patrick Thompson 01/10/2015 View registry
10/25/2014 Stacey Cervetto and Vaughn Henson 01/10/2015 View registry
11/15/2014 Sarah Fitzgerald and Justin Clements Feb/2015 View registry
11/08/2014 Jessica Taylor and Wayne Viotto 02/28/2015 View registry
January 2015 Laura Procter and Jacob Henson 03/07/2015 View registry
N/A Lorie Holman and Beau Clenney 03/14/2015 View registry
01/10/2015 and 02/14/2015 Hailey Patterson and Bret Partin 03/19/2015 View registry
Jan/2015 Kate Lanting and Alex Meadows 03/21/2015 View registry
Jan/2015 Kate Tulley and Drew Stafford 03/21/2015 View registry
02/14/2015 Lesley Valastro and Justin Miller 03/21/2015 View registry
N/A Claire Goodman and Brandon Ratliff 03/21/2015 View registry
01/24/2015 Ashley Ainsworth and Stephen Banks 04/10/2015 View registry
01/11/2015 Mattie Reinsman and Corey Pollard 04/18/2015 View registry
March 2015 Melissa Shipp and Steve Crews 05/23/2015 View registry
January 2015 Kensie Colegrove and Levi Kirkland 05/30/2015 View Registry
N/A Cortney Fudge and Aaron Kemp 06/06/2015 View Registry
March 2015 Lydia Piskor and Colby Swearingen 06/27/2015 View Registry